Scarred Hero [Unlisted]

The list on this page are the books that I haven't read, or don't have yet(Sad, I know...sigh). In other words, they were only suggested to me and some I found on my search for books in Googles. Meaning, I can't confirm personally that the heroes on the books listed below are actually "PHYSICALLY SCARRED". Anyway, if anyone else have read them, I would really appreciate it if you can send me a message and let me know if the hero of the book that you've read is actually "PHYSICALLY" scarred/disfigured.
Enjoy and have fun reading! ^.^

Author: Carole Mortimer
Title: Yesterday's Scar [Modern Romance]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
How could Rafe have turned against her?
Only when Hazel Stanford returned home to Cornwall after three years did she realize the extent of her feelings for Rafe Savage. She was no longer just infatuated with him--she was head over heels in love!
But Rafe was bitter and angry--and cold as ice toward Hazel. Was the accident that left him scarred and partially lame responsible? Or was it her?
Hazel knew love could heal his wounds, but if Rafe were to send her away, how could she administer the cure?

Author: Carolyn Davidson
Title: Redemption
Description: [From Fictiondb]
He was a Civil War veteran, wounded in body and soul.
And when his wife died unexpectedly, he retreated from life, craving only solitude and his happy memories. But his young son needed a mother's love and guidance -- even if Jake wanted no woman himself. So who better to choose than the town's spinster schoolmarm?
She had come to warn Jake his son was running wild.
But she stayed because beneath his gruff exterior she saw Jake's pain and loneliness. Having borne the brunt of ridicule all her life, tall, plain Alicia understood both all too well. But could Jake ever learn to share his home and his heart?

Author: Christina Skye
Title: The Black Rose
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Black Rose
Calling card of the infamous Romney Fox. Smuggler, scoundrel, probable traitor, and spy, he plundered the rich and gave to the poor. Men toasted him, women whispered his name like a prayer. Deserted and deceived, exquisite Tess Leighton, emerald-eyed temptress, would do anything to save her family estate -- even masquerade as the fox himself...
Black Rose
A challenge to the Viscount Ravenhurst. Scarred by war, betrayed in love, Dane St. Pierre returned from Trafalgar determined to wreak vengeance on Tess, the reckless, willful woman who had turned his heart to ashes yet still haunted his fevered dreams. Now he alone knew her dangerous secret and swore she'd pay the price...
Black Rose
A summon to danger and adventure. In a storm of treachery and high treason, they would be swept into battle on enemy seas. From the rugged Sussex coast to the wave-swept isles of Brittany, a tender torment of remembered passion bound them, plunging them into a danger beyond imagining, a desire beyond restraining... into the dark, rapturous secrets of... THE BLACK ROSE

Author: Claire Delacroix
Title: The Beauty Bride
Description: [From Fictiondb]
More cherished than gold are the jewels of Kinfairlie, and only the worthiest of men may fight for their love...
The Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters, each a gem in her own right. And he has no choice but to see them all wed in haste.
Lady Madeline's heart is not for sale... especially not to a notorious outlaw like Rhys FitzHenry. Yet Madeline's hand has been sold, to none other than this battle-weary warrior with a price on his head. A more dutiful maiden might cede to the Laird's command and meekly accept her fate, but Madeline has never been obedient. She decides to run away, though she never dreams that Rhys will pursue her. She does not expect this taciturn man to woo her with fanciful stories, much less that each of his enthralling tales will reveal a scar upon his shielded soul. She never imagine-that a man like Rhys could imperil her own heart while revealing so little of his own feelings. When Rhys's past threatens his future, Madeline takes a leap of faith. She dares to believe him innocent--and risks her own life to pursue a passion more priceless than the rarest gem.

Author: Colleen Shannon
Title: The Gentle Beast
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Raised amid bountiful wealth and enlightened ideas, Callista Raleigh was more than a match for the radicals, rakes, and reprobates who railed against England's King George III. Then a sudden reversal of fortune brought into her life a veritable brute who craved revenge against her family almost as much as he hungered for her kiss. And even though her passionate foe concealed his face behind a hideous mask, Callista believed he was merely a man, with a man's strengths and appetites.
But when the love-starved stranger swept her away to his secret lair, Callista realized that wits and reason weren't enough to conquer him --- she'd need a desire both satisfying and true if beauty were to tame the beast.

Author: Donna Fletcher
Title: Love Me Forever
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Just when it seems she is finally free--free of a bleak future with her contemptuous husband, that is--Brianna Cameron is badly injured on a trip to a neighboring village. Left for dead, the young widow wakes to find herself in a one-room cottage--with a tall, dark, and badly scarred man tending to her wounds.
His name is Royce and, unbeknownst to the beautiful woman in his charge, he is a legendary warrior who has charmed many a woman into bed.
In need of solitude, he has come to this isolated cottage to heal from the unbearable memories of his last battle. But to his surprise, it is caring for Brianna that has begun to lift his melancholy and make him believe in the redemptive power of love. And even more startling, this feisty beauty has roused his desire as no woman before.
But then Brianna's supposedly dead husband suddenly reappears--very much alive and demanding the return of his bride. Royce will do anything to save her--except give her up. But can he convince the woman of his dreams to love him forever?

Author: Donna Lee Poff
Title: The Mask
Description: [From Fictiondb]
He travels only at night, shrouded by darkness, his visage shielded by a leather mask.
After 11 years, Galen Tarrant, Lord of Rosenthorn, rides back from the Crusades to reclaim his lands, only to stumble upon the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. In her arms he feels complete, but cannot allow himself to take her innocence when the demons of his past threaten to destroy everything he touches.

Author: Gayle Wilson
Title: The Gambler's Heart
Description: [From Fictiondb]
The Beauty Had Wed The Beast, And London Was Rife With Rumor
What really went on in the marriage bed of Lady Madelyn Fairchild and Jean-Luc Gavereau? For a celebrated beauty of the ton could never have gone willingly into the arms of a common gambler scarred in body and soul!
Madelyn had looked beyond the fire-ravaged visage Jean-Luc wore like a badge of defiance and had seen her salvation. A true lover who swore he would vanquish the ghosts of her past, even as she vowed to sacrifice everything to safeguard his future...!

Author: Gayle Wilson
Title: His Secret Duchess
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Mary Winters harbored a secret deep within her heart.
She'd borne the duke of Vail a child and was determined that no one -- not even the noble love of her life himself -- would ever uncover the truth.
Afire with the passion of youth, Nick Stanton had lain with Mary Winters.
Now, scarred by warfare in mind and body, he feared he'd be no fit husband to his beloved -- or father to the son now claimed by another man, a man whose one desire was to wreak vengeance on them all!

Author: Georgina Devon
Title: The Rogue's Seduction
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Ten years ago Lillith, Lady de Lisle, was forced to stand up the man she loved at the altar in favor of a richer husband. Now a widow, she suddenly finds herself the target of her thwarted lover's revenge.
In return for Lillith's cruel rejection of him, Jason Beaumair, Earl of Perth, planned to abduct and seduce the beautiful woman who'd haunted his dreams for so long. He'd certainly never fall for her again. But nothing can prepare him when their night of passion turns into an all-consuming desire....

Author: Jane Feather
Title: The Silver Rose
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Dear Reader,
Like the rose in the haunting tale of "Beauty and the Beast," a silver rose on a charm bracelet brings together a beautiful young woman and a battle-scarred lord....
In my story, Ariel Ravenspeare has been taught to loathe the earl of Hawkesmoor and everything he represents. Their two families have been sworn enemies for generations. But it's one thing to hate him, and another to play the part her vicious brothers have written for her--trapping Hawkesmoor into a marriage that will destroy him, using herself as bait. Forced into the marriage, Ariel will find her new husband unexpectedly difficult to manipulate, as well as surprisingly--and powerfully--attractive.
But beneath the passion lurk the strands of a long-hidden secret...a secret embodied in a sparkling silver rose.
I hope you will be as caught up in Ariel and Hawkesmoor's love story as I was.
Warmest wishes,
Jane Feather

Author: Jill Marie Landis
Title: Blue Moon
Description: [From Fictiondb]
An innocent girl of nineteen, Olivia Bond is on the run from an ugly and dangerous past.
She finds herself alone, lost deep in the frightening world of an Illinois swamp. Then, out of the mist, comes a man to save her.
A reclusive loner, Noah LeCroix believes he has no need for the outside world, or for the things he gave up long ago.
Home. Family. And true love. At first, Olivia is frightened by Noah's mysterious, silent nature. Then slowly, he begins to touch her heart and soul. But just as these two strangers begin to find true happiness, the dangerous secrets of Olivia's past threaten to rip them apart. Now Olivia and Noah must overcome the sadness of their pasts, if they can dare to dream of the love that comes only once in a lifetime...

Author: Joan Johnston
Title: After The Kiss
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Too tall and entirely too outspoken, Miss Eliza Sheringham grew up thumbing hernose at polite English society. So when Captain Lord Marcus Wharton, calledBeau for his stunning good looks set his rakish sights on her, Eliza thoughtnothing of rejecting his advances. Until a stolen kiss swept her into the armsof a man too dangerous too love. . . .
Called to battle, Marcus left behind the woman who had captured his heart--andthe scandal ignited by their kiss. His brother's disappearance made him Dukeof Blackthorne, guardian of twin nieces who were rumored to be his owndaughters. Badly scared in battle, the Beau had become the Beast ofBlackthorne, a wounded animal destined to spend his life hiding in a shadowywing of Blackthorne Abbey.
When Eliza Sheringham showed up on his doorstep proposing herself as governessfor the incorrigible twins, the Beast demanded marriage as the price of thejob. He knew she could never love him. Surely his looks would drive heraway--now that he hungered for her more than life itself....

Author: Judith A. Lansdowne
Title: Just Impossible
Description: [From Fictiondb]
A Notorious Nobleman
The Duke of Berinwick is the last of his line, though he yearns for the warmth of a wife and family. But no lady will set foot in Blackcastle, his vast country house, and the solitude of a long winter has become a prison for his lonely soul. And now that Shropshire is shrouded in snow, the glittering social whirl of London has become no more than a memory and its exquisite women like figures in a dream--until Julia Delacroix ventures into his solitary lair.
A Scandalous Secret
The proud beauty hopes to sell her sole remaining treasure, a silver lion of mysterious provenance. Knowing that the Duke would part with a small fortune to possess the heirloom has brought Julia to his door--and compelled Berinwick to find out her secret: she intends to find and destroy the dastard who ruined her beloved elder sister. As bold as she is brave, Julia forges an unlikely alliance with the powerful Duke. Only he can help her carry out her cunning plan for revenge, though their unusual relationship may prove to be the scandal of the Season...

Author: Julia London
Title: Snowy Night With A Highlander [On of the Short Story]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair,Fiona Haines is led by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face.
As they journey on, Fiona draws closer to her brave, enigmatic protector -- but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?

Author: Laurel Ames
Title: Besieged
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Though She Was One Of Society's Greatest Beauties, Elizabeth Falcrest Cared Little For The Intrigues Of The Ton
For she was a woman whose heart cried out for someone with whom to share her deepest thought. Someone like Jason Weir, the world-weary soldier who had looked beyond her lovely face and into the depths of her soul.
With his scarred body and tortured memories, Jason Weir was convinced that his tomorrows held little promise.
Until fate intervened in the form of Elizabeth Falcrest, the blond-haired goddess whose attention had him dreaming of an impossible future by her side ....

Author: Lisa Ann Verge
Title: The Faery Bride
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Rhys ap Gruffydd is a man accursed, his scarred face hidden behind a black leather mask.
When he hears of a lass who can heal him, he acts without honor: he kidnaps her. But Aileen O'Conaire is no fey child; she is a woman, and she will resist--and attract--the Welsh lord as no blue-blooded beauty ever has.
Possessed with the gift of ancient magic, Aileen perceives her fierce abductor as a fallen angel ... a man more afflicted in his heart than in his flesh. She despises him for taking her captive, yet cannot deny the desire he stirs in her blood.
In a war between a man and a woman, there can be no victors. And in a land shadowed by bloodshed and treachery, there is only danger--unless the fire burning between Aileen and Rhys can flame into love . . .

Author: Lori Handeland
Title: Shadow Lover [Romantic Suspense]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Secrets in the Shadows
Devastated by the loss of her brother, Rachel Taylor vowed to avenge his death. And after three long years, only one unforeseen problem would make her well-laid plans go awry: she was falling under the seductive spell of the man she blamed for her pain and suffering.
The victim of a horrible accident, Michael Gabriel hid away from all save his most trusted friends. Yet the talented singer couldn't deny his growing attraction for Rachel--or his fear that secrets from his past might destroy her life.
Night after night, Michael and Rachel drew closer, unleashing long-suppressed passion. But someone would stop at nothing--not even murder--to come between them and keep-Rachel from the love that could heal her heart.

Author: Luanne Rice
Title: Home Fires [Modern Romance]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Anne Davis has returned to the house where she grew up, trading her glamorous Manhattan lifestyle for a harsh winter on a wind-whipped New England island. Her marriage has crumbled in the wake of a tragic accident. Now she has returned to the home on Salt Whistle Road that has always meant shelter, security, family, and love. When she awakens one snowy night to a fire that roars through the old house, Anne escapes--but runs back into the blaze to save something so precious that it's worth risking her life for. It is that reckless act of blind desperation that sets a miracle in motion....

Author: Michele Ann Young
Title: The Lady Flees Her Lord
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Lucinda, Lady Denbigh, is running from a husband who physically and emotionally abuses her because she is unfashionably plump and has failed to produce an heir. Posing as a widow, she seeks refuge in the quiet countryside...
Lord Hugo Wanstead, with a wound that won't heal, and his mother's and Spanish wife's deaths on his conscience, finds his estate impoverished, his sleep torn by nightmares, and brandy his only solace. When he meets Lucinda, he finds her beautiful - ;body and soul - ;and thinks she just might give him something to live for ...

Author: P.C. Cast
Title: Goddess of the Rose [Fantasy Romance]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
It's not a green thumb that's kept the Empousai family's roses blooming for centuries--it's the drops of blood that their women secretly sacrifice for their gardens.
But Mikki, the youngest, would rather forget this family quirk and lead a normal life. Until the day she unwittingly performs a sacred ritual and ends up in the strange--but strangely familiar--Realm of the Rose. As its goddess Hecate reveals to her, Mikki has the blood of a high priestess running through her veins. And the Realm has been waiting for her...
In a flash of temper long ago, Hecate cursed her guardian beast, along with the rest of the Realm, with a permanent slumber that only a high priestess can undo.
Now nothing's coming up roses--and Hecate is counting on Mikki to set things aright. Awoken, the beast at first terrifies Mikki--but soon compels her more than any ordinary man ever has. But the only way he, and the Realm, can be saved is for Mikki to sacrifice her life-giving blood--and herself...

Author: Patricia Veryan
Title: Feather Castles
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Rachel Strand, a beautiful young Englishwoman, discovered a wounded stranger on the battlefield of Waterloo. Despite his wounds, the valiant young soldier saved her from looters - and possibly worse.
Though engaged to a powerful and dangerous Frenchman who was secretly plotting against England, Rachel was drawn to the stranger. No one knew who he was. He had no memory of his past, his name, or his family. It was obvious, though, that he was a gentleman. It was also obvious, though, that he was a attracted to Rachel. But Rachel had promised herself to the Frenchman.
Now the Frenchman holds her prisoner in his castle. She dare not think of escape - unless the stranger shows her the way...

Author: Robyn Carr
Title: The Troubadour's Romance
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Pawn in a royal bargain,beautiful Felise Scelfton was handed in marriage to Sir Royce Leighton, the scarred and brooding lord of the grim keep of Segeland. And between them desire grew, bursting into a raging hunger that blazed at their merest touch. Still, Royce was tormented by a bitter curse that could lose him his bride, his heart's very life.
Felise turned to her new demesne, nurturing prosperity and peace, winning Royce's trust at last. But just as their passion triumphed the cruel past loomed . . . and only the bravest of loves could survive its brutal betrayal!

Author: Susan Kay
Title: Phantom
Description: [From Fictiondb]
His mother's only gift is a mask. Precocious and gifted, he will live friendless and alone. Taunted and abused, he will flee, only to find himself caged again--as a freak in a Gypsy carnival.
Filled with bitter rage, he will kill to escape, becoming a stonemason's apprentice in Rome...a dark magician at the treacherous Persian court...and finally, the genius behind the construction of the Paris Opera House and the labyrinthine world below.
Cloaked in secrets, his power complete, he will see the exquisite Christine and for the first time know what it means to love. Obsessed, he will bring her into his eerie subterranean world, driven to possess her heart and soul.
A haunting story of power and darkness, of magic and murder, of sensuality and betrayal, and ultimately, the unforgettable story of a man and a woman and the eternal quality of love.

Author: Teresa DesJardien
Title: The Marriage Masquerade
Description: [From Fictiondb]
After a heated public debate ends her engagement, Lady Lucianne Gordon has to endure the humiliation of a fourth season.
To save herself from her encroaching reputation as a spinster, Lucy must obey her godmother--who just happens to be Queen Charlotte--and be paired off with an eligible bachelor at Her Majesty's masquerade ball.
Lord Oxenby has always prided himself on being a friend of the Queen, but is perplexed when she first orders him to join Lady Lucianne as "Lord and Lady of the Masquerade," and then later as her husband. Oxenby and Lucy have never been friends--not since a miscommunication between them years ago--and to be forced into marriage is difficult for both of them. But living together as man and wife just may be what the couple needs to fall in love...

Author: Tina St. John
Title: Heart of the Hunter
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Ariana of Clairmont would risk anything to save her kidnapped brother, a quest she knows is fraught with peril. Her only ally is Braedon le Chasseur, a formidable knight with a mysterious past, whose scarred face and brooding nature mask a soul filled with pain. Ariana fears this dangerous man and the secrets he strives to conceal--but Braedon's touch is pure seduction, his kiss a potent lure that tempts her into a passion she is powerless to resist.
Once known as The Hunter, now haunted by a dark legacy he struggles to deny, Braedon lives in a world of shadow and isolation--until he is thrust together with an innocent beauty in need of his protection. Embarking on a journey that will lead them to a legendary treasure, Braedon will be forced to confront old enemies and the stunning secret of his true nature--or risk losing Ariana and the only happiness he has ever known. . . .