Scarred Hero Romance : Author - M

Author: Mary Balogh
Title: The Secret Pearl
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Fleur. That was her middle name. The name she told the man to whom she sold herself out of desperate want. But her full name was Isabella Fleur Bradshaw, gently born and brutally expelled from her sheltered life. His name was Adam Kent, Duke of Ridgeway, the wealthiest lord in England, but scarred in war, bitterly betrayed in marriage.
She feared his overpowering physical passion. He fought to keep from loving her. They each had so much to teach each other and so much to learn... 'n a drama of desire played out on a vast estate - where a man and a woman come closer and closer to their moment of heart-pounding truth...

Author: Mary Balogh
Title: Simply Love
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Anne first spied him in the deepening dusk of a Wales evening--a lone figure of breathtaking strength, his handsome face branded by a secret pain. For teacher and single mother Anne Jewell, Sydnam Butler is a man whose sorrows--and passions--run deeper than she could have ever imagined. As steward of a remote seaside manor, Sydnam lives a reclusive existence. Yet he senses in Anne a kindred soul, and between these two wary hearts, desire stirs. Unable to resist the passion that has rescued them both, Anne and Sydnam share an afternoon of exquisite lovemaking. As scandal looms, suddenly the unwed mother and the war-scarred veteran must make a decision that could forever alter their lives....

Author: Mary Jo Putney
Title: Veils Of Silk
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Laura Cameron thinks she has suppressed her sensual nature behind a facade of Victorian propriety, until she meets the courageous army major Ian Cameron.
The golden-eyed Laura offers hope for a new life to Ian after his years of captivity in Central Asia has shattered his dreams. And Ian, in turn, offers her a marriage proposal she dares to say yes to. And so, together, they journey from India's lush plains to its wild mountain passes, struggling to build a marriage unlike any other. Yet the danger and intrigue that surround them are less perilous than the veiled secrets of their own hearts. Only indomitable courage and unshakable love will free them to claim the fiery passion they both fear... and desire.

Author: Meagan McKinney
Title: When Angels Fall
Description: [From Fictiondb]
It was five years since Elizabeth Alcester had laid eyes on her former stable boy Ivan Tramore . . . five years since her world had collapsed in devastating ruin around her. Now, penniless and desperate, she finds herself at the mercy of a cruel, ruthless stranger--a man who vows to possess her, whose hot searing caresses fan the treacherous flames of her darkest desires.
Tramore had returned home in triumph--the unwanted bastard was now Lord Ivan, eleventh Marquis of Powerscourt--the most powerful man in London. Yet one woman had sworn to defy him . . . the proud beauty whose touch had branded him forever. But when at last he holds Lissa trembling in his merciless embrace, his lust for vengeance suddenly explodes in a frenzied fever of passion. And now no power on heaven or earth can tear him from the innocent arms that hold him captive, or protect her from the rapturous moment . . .