Scarred Heroine Romance : Author - G

Author: Gail Ranstrom
Title: A Rake by Midnight
James Hunter cannot forget the night he rescued Eugenia O’Rourke from a terrifying ordeal - how she felt in his arms, warm and vulnerable. Now working in the Home Office by day, he doesn’t find it difficult to assume the role of her rake protector by night...
Gina is painfully aware that James witnessed her deepest humiliation. Her biggest fear was her captor’s return, but as midnight strikes she’s more afraid of being the object of James’s pity.
But pity is not what James feels...

Author: Gayle Callen
Title: The Darkest Knight
Series: Welles Trilogy BOOK I
Trained as a knight, yet sworn to the monastery, Reynold Welles had always lived by a strict code of honor. Yet the night he rescues beautiful Lady Katherine Berkeley from a treasonous kidnapper and an arranged marriage, he is captivated by the power of her enchanting loveliness. As she trembles within his protective embrace, he knows she is unaware of the fire she has ignited within him--a passion that burns with greater fury each day.
Though he is powerless against her innocent sensuality, Reynold is duty bound to bring the lady to the king, whose life may depend on the secret she holds. Yet when the dark knight discovers that Katherine is to be married, he is torn between doing his duty or claiming Katherine as his own.

LADY OF THE NIGHTAuthor: Georgina Devon
Title: Lady of the Night
Young Lady Damaris FitzHubert possessed beauty, fortune, and impeccable lineage. But that didn't seem to do her any good where the Duke of Camber was concerned. The man she had adored form afar since childhood had no interest whatsoever in the season's new crop of debutantes. His preference ran toward the demimonde, the Cyprians, the woman of easy virtue whose company could be had - or dispensed with - for the price of a pearl choker or a diamond brooch. Damaris, however, was not about to give up. Not even if she had to attend the notorious Cyprian's Ball itself...
Camber was caught offguard by the mysterious new Cyprian. Not only was she hauntingly lovely, but her tongue proved as sharp as her wit. She had actually had the gall to turn down his very generous offer for her favors in no uncertain terms. What game was this enticing wanton playing? She would soon discover that she had chosen the wrong man to fence with. For he was an expert duelist -- and he always won...