Time-Travel Romance : Author - B

Author: Barbara Baldwin
Title: Indigo Bay
Time: [Modern Day to Past]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Michaela Marie Chadwick (nicknamed Mica) has inherited Sea Crest, her great-great-aunt's home on the island, Indigo Bay.
Built in the early 1800's, the old home has been converted to a bed and breakfast. Mica sees her inheritance as an opportunity to escape and come to grips with her life. She's initiated a divorce against her irresponsible husband, and she's unhappy working in her father's law firm. As Mica searches for her answers, she hears loud voices and music from the second floor. She investigates, passing through a door to another section of Sea Crest where she encounters T. Logan Rutledge, whom she assumes is a guest, but who is actually the original owner of the island, which he calls Indigo Bay. Because Sea Crest has maintained the antiques and grandeur of a previous century, Mica visits Logan several times before realizing the door she passes through leads from her present day back in time to 1850.
Logan Rutledge is intrigued by the mysterious, beautiful woman who keeps appearing and disappearing in his life.
But even as he finds himself falling in love with her, Indigo Bay is plagued by unexplained fires and crop destruction guaranteed to bring disaster to his plantation. And in the middle of all his problems, Mica insists she's from the future, and she can help him find the solution to his problems from journals in her time. While past and present travel parallel to each other, Mica and Logan are drawn into intrigue where mystery and treachery intertwine and threaten their lives and their love.

Author: Barbara Sheridan
Title: Timeless Wish
Time: [Modern Day to Past]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
New York City, 1998. Lovely Laura Bennett had fallen in love with the right man at the wrong time.
She knew her affections were in vain, but even as she stared at the old photograph of him in her friend's family album, she couldn't resist a little wishful thinking. And then a sudden fall throws her a hundred years into the past-and into the arms of Corby Hillhouse, the man of her dreams...
Oklahoma, 1898. To Corby, Laura is a blessing--just not the kind Laura had intended to be.
Corby is too caught up in his own troubled past to think of her as anything but a good housekeeper and nanny for his daughter. It will take time and tenderness before he realizes that this beautiful woman is more than a blessing. She is indeed, a dream come true...

Author: Brenda Hiatt
Title: Bridge Over Time
Time: [Modern Day to Past]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
South Carolina, 1994
Kathryn Monroe was dreading her visit to the family's ancestral mansion. She needed time to sort out her life --- not to get involved with her mother's silly costume ball. But as she passed the grandfather clock on the landing, she was mysteriously transported to the year 1825. Before long, she was preaching women's lib, freeing the slaves and falling hopelessly in love with her ancestor's beau, Ryan James.
South Carolina, 1825
Catherine Prescott longed for freedom. Her parents had not only sold her favorite horse, but they were forcing her into a marriage she despised. It wasn't fair! However, as she passed by the grandfather clock on the landing, she suddenly found herself in a whole new world --- a world with airplanes, race cars . . . and a man who made her want to forget the past.