Time-Travel Romance : Author - O

Author: Olga Bicos
Title: Wrapped In Wishes
Time: [Modern Day to Past][Past to Modern Day]
New Orleans law professor Chloe Plum is desperate enough to try anything--even hypnosis--to finally get a decent night's sleep.
But every time she goes "under", she slips into Victorian London, with handsome Egyptologist Harrison Connors always close at hand. Just as she's getting to know Harrison better, she's whisked away to reality. Then, without warning, she and Harrison meet on a modern-day American street. Has Harrison traveled across the years to find her?
Sent back through time by an accident in hypnosis, attorney Chloe Plum falls in love with rogue adventurer Harrison Connors only to return to her own time, but his appearance in modern-day New Orleans offers Chloe a second chance to be with him. Original.