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Author: Patricia Frances Rowell
Title: An Impetuous Abduction
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Moments after Persephone Hathersage stumbled upon a band of thieves, the terrified young lady was spirited away on horseback!
But trepidation soon gave way to scandalous desire when her brooding captor tenderly nursed a feverish Phona back to health.
Spellbound by the battle-scarred blackguard who kept her confined in an ancient fortress, Phona knew any impropriety with this nameless rogue would tarnish her reputation forever, not to mention plunge her into even further peril! However, appearances could be quite deceiving....

Author: Patricia Grasso
Title: To Love A Princess
Description: [From Fictiondb]
An illegitimate daughter of the Russian Czar, Amber Kazanov knows time is running out.
Her stunning beauty has made her prey to nefarious schemers, and she flees to England to find a husband before her uncle can sell her to the highest bidder. Here she is introduced to the one gentleman who might help her. But Miles Montgomery is a man laid low by life's cruelty, a man who has given up on love and happiness. Fortunately, Amber has not given up on him...
Shrouded in darkness and tragedy, Miles Montgomery, the Earl of Stratford, bears the emotional and physical scars of the fire that killed his wife and shattered his world.
Despite himself, he is intrigued by this exquisite beauty, and he asks her to remain as his houseguest. Yet he fights the attraction he feels, masking his deep longing behind harsh words and cold indifference...until a glorious night of passion seals his fate. And when a shocking turn of events threatens to steal Amber from him forever, he is must choose either to dwell in the past or to embrace the future--before it's too late.

Author: Patricia Potter
Title: The Diamond King
Description: [From Fictiondb]
The fighting at Culloden nearly destroyed Alex Leslie.
Once a Highland nobleman with a truly brilliant future, Alex left the battlefield with a scarred face and wounded spirit -- and a hatred of the British that still ravages his soul. As captain of a privateer bound for diamond-rich Brazil, Alex captures every British vessel he encounters -- and takes a lovely, but defiant, lady captive...
Alex has every reason to hate Jenna Campbell.
The feisty Scottish lass belongs to the British-allied clan he most despises. But somewhere in the wild Brazilian jungle, his dislike gives way to fierce desire -- and the kind of love he thought he'd never find...
Quick Note: Hero also walks with a limp.