Scarred Hero Romance : Author - V

Author: Victoria Dahl
Title: One Week As Lovers
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Some Pleasures, Once Tasted...
Even after finding his betrothed in the arms of another man, Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster, knows he must wed. Propriety--and the dire state of his finances--decrees it. At least a visit to his country estate provides relief from playing the role of loving fiance, as well as a surprising encounter with Cynthia Merrithorpe. Once his childhood companion, Cynthia has grown into a lovely, alluring woman--one who's undertaken a daring ruse to avoid being sold into a miserable marriage.
Are Too Delicious To Forget...
When Nicholas left for London to assume his new title, Cynthia was forced to put aside her girlish infatuation. Now he's returned, more wickedly attractive than ever. And this time, Cynthia is determined to experience the pleasure she's dreamed of for so long. But with a man like Nicholas, seduction is only the beginning of a sensual journey that will tempt them both to defy convention, and uncover the very heart of desire...

Author: Virginia Henley
Title: Dream Lover
Description: [From Fictiondb]
He came upon her as she swam in her secret crystal cave, the rugged stranger who stole her heart, then haunted her dreams when he disappeared. Emerald FitzGerald Montague thought her life was over when she was forced to marry another man, a man she despised....until Sean O'Toole, dark, dangerous, and handsome as sin, returned from the dead and swept her away in a whirlwind of scandal and desire.
Bent on revenge after five years on a prison ship, Sean O'Toole, Earl of Kildare, kidnapped his enemy's daughter.
Her name was Emerald, the innocent beauty he had known long ago, who had stirred his senses like no other woman. But now he planned to seduce her, abandon her...and bring disgrace to the hated Montagues. First he would restore the fire to her eyes, make her hunger for his steely embrace - then use her in an act of vengeance. But Sean didn't expect to find himself caught in the sudden heat of his own desires, bewitched by the magnificent beauty he'd planned to betray...

Author: Virginia Henley
Title: Seduced
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Shorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man, Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb, desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother, who is missing at sea. Trapped -- and liberated -- by her masquerade, Tony meets her new guardian, the devastatingly dangerous Adam Savage, who has returned from his plantation in Ceylon, determined to turn the innocent "boy" into a worldly man.
A rake whose scarred face and ice-blue eyes made strong women weak, Adam Savage, legendary adventurer, vowed to take young Tony to the fleshpots of London; to teach him everything a young heir should know. But not even Savage guesses Tony's deepest secret, a masquerade destined to erupt in passionate abandon on one scorching unforgettable night.