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Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Title: Married To The Viscount
Description: [From Fictiondb]
One kiss...
Abigail Mercer was breathless with anticipation at being reunited with Spencer Law, whom she met once and later married by proxy. But now the dashing Viscount Ravenswood denies all knowledge of their union! Far too many witnesses have made it impossible for the secretive Spencer to reject his "bride" without causing a scandal. So he has proposed a marriage in-name-only until they can locate his mysteriously absent younger brother -- who is responsible for everything! -- and untangle this messy affair.
Abigail is incensed, irate...and irresistibly attracted to this handsome, infuriating man who hides his smoldering passion behind a proper exterior. So the lady will agree to his terms on one condition: Spencer must seal their bargain with a kiss. But he finds that one deep, lingering, unforgettable kiss isn't nearly enough. And keeping his hands off his pretty wife is going to be much harder than he thought...

Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Title: To Pleasure A Prince
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Beautiful Lady Regina Tremaine has turned down so many suitors that she's called La Belle Dame Sans Merci.
The truth: she won't marry because she carries a dark secret. She sees no good reason, however, why her brother shouldn't court the lovely Louisa North -- even if the girl's brother, the notorious "Dragon Viscount," objects.
Marcus North, Viscount Draker -- bastard son of the Prince of Wales -- is rumored to be a monster who holds women captive in his dark castle to have his way with them. He has been exiled from polite society for years. But when Lady Regina makes a plea on her brother's behalf, Marcus proposes an outrageous deal: her brother can court Louisa so long as Marcus can court Regina. Can the beauty and the beast survive a proper courtship when the devastatingly improper passion between them threatens to cause the scandal of the century?

Author: Sandra Hill
Title: The Blue Viking
Series: Viking I - Story V
Description: [From Fictiondb]
What in the name of Thor could be making this Viking so blue?
-- Eating haggis?
-- Listening to those insufferable bagpipes?
-- Traveling through Scotland with the world's worst poet?
-- Searching for the infuriatingly inept witch who's cursed his face... and even more important parts?
For Rurik the Viking, life has not been worth living since he left Maire of the Moors.
Oh, it's not that he misses her fiery red tresses or kissome lips. Nay, it's the embarrassing blue zigzag she put on his face after their one wild night of loving. For a fierce warrior who prides himself on his immense height, his expertise in bedsport, and his well-honed muscles, this blue streak is the last straw. In the end, he'll bring the witchling to heel, or die trying. Mayhap he'll even beg her to wed ... so long as she can promise he'll no longer be... the Blue Viking.

Author: Sandra Schwab
Title: Castle Of The Wolf [Fantasy Romance]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Castle of the Wolf by Sandra Schwab
Celia Fussell's father is dead, and she reduced to the status of a poor relation in the house of her brother, the new baron, and his shrewish wife. A life of misery looms ahead.
But, no. There is hope. Deep in the Black Forest, in the Great Duchy of Baden, stands Celia's inheritance. Among fir trees so dark they almost look black The Castle of Wolfenbach rises. It is a fortress of solitude, of secrets, of old wounds and older mysteries. But it is hers. And only one thing stands in her way: its former master, the hermit, the enigma...the man she is obliged to marry.

Author: Shannah Biondine
Title: Impassioned Vagabond [ebook]
She's the lovely young fortune teller who reads tarot cards at Wichita's Scarlet Lady saloon.
He's a freelance gun with a chilling reputation.
When Sparkle LaFleur asks Rafe Conley to pose as her husband one afternoon, she never imagines the seemingly harmless ruse might take on a life of its own...or that she'll be kidnapped by outlaws and find herself drawn into the very center of Rafe's dark and deadly world.This is Old West adventure at its bawdiest and boldest. Caught up in a vicious cycle of violence, betrayal and retribution, Rafe and Sparkle must each defeat demons from the past and summon the courage to fight for a future together. But can they truly escape the forces that have shaped their lives on the wooly frontier? Is love unyielding enough to forever silence a six gun?

Author: Shannon Drake
Title: Wicked
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Camille Montgomery is aware of the wicked man's reputation. But as an expert in antiquities, she also knows his family's Egyptian artifacts are the finest in England. The problem is, her wayward stepfather knows this, too -- and he's determined to steal them. So when he's caught in the act of robbing the so-called Beast of Carlyle, Camille must swallow her fear and boldly confront the man whose mask is said to hide a face too loathsome to behold.
The Earl of Carlyle has lived in the shadows ever since the suspicious death of his parents. But he's never stopped trying to unravel the mystery behind what he suspects to have been their murder. And now that the lovely Camille has stumbled into his life, he has the perfect pawn for his deadly game of vengeance and deceit. But in laying his ruthless trap, will he risk losing his own heart?

Author: Sophie Jordan
Title: One Night With You
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Anything can happen after dark . . .
Tired of being treated like a servant by her own family, Lady Jane Guthrie finally has a chance to escape . . . at least for one night.
Attired in a daring gown, she arrives at a scandalous courtesans' masquerade ball looking forward to her few hours of freedom. But when she sees Seth Rutledge, her skin begins to tingle with anticipation. Many years ago, Seth broke her heart by falling for her beautiful, title-hungry sister. But now here he is, right in front of her, offering her his lips . . .
Embittered by war, Seth returns home to inherit the title that would have once won him the woman of his dreams.
Though duty demands he wed, he's convinced passion no longer has a place in his life . . . until a masked siren sets his heart aflame. Desperate to find her again, he has no idea it's his childhood friend Jane--and that after one night together their lives will never be the same.

Author: Sue Ellen Welfonder
Title: Bride Of The Beast
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Twice wed and twice widowed, Lady Caterine Keith has no need for a champion. She can fend off unwanted suitors on her own and guard her Scottish stronghold without the help of any man. But her sister, knowing better, sends a make-believe husband--a knight with a battle-scarred face almost too frightening to behold. Sir Marmaduke Strongbow has a secret ambition. He wants not Caterine's land but her hand in marriage and her heart to own. With tantalizing caresses, he will show her how a real champion lays siege...and how love is impossible to fight.

Author: Susan Andersen
Title: Exposure [Modern: Romantic Suspense]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
A tragic childhood and a doomed marriage have forced Emma Sands to do what she does best: run.
Now, she and her young daughter have arrived in Washington States Port Flannery, a remote fishing village where no one knows who she is ... or where she is going.
Big-city cop turned smalltown sheriff Elvis Donnelly is six and a half feet of bruising muscle and solid hurt. The victim of a violent boyhood and a brutal bomb blast, all he wants is to forget the past ... until it suddenly comes calling.
When Elvis and Emma meet, the attraction is instant-and the passion all-consuming. But in a town of prying eyes, these two outsiders are soon sharing more than the heat of desire ...they're sharing a fight for their lives.
For someone else has come to Port Flannery...

Author: Susan Carroll
Title: The Bride Finder [Paranormal Romance]
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Chosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, the enigmatic Anatole St. Leger. But her dream of happiness soon diffuses in his overpowering shadow. Anatole knows only too well the legacies that to him have been more curse than gift. But as Madeline embarks on an odyssey both otherworldly and undeniably real, she and her husband fall hopelessly in love-until she sees a haunting vision of murder and a terrifying enemy emerges to threaten both their lives ....

Author: Susan Wiggs
Title: The Firebrand
Description: [From Fictiondb]
October 8, 1871 -- One small spark ignites the entire city of Chicago,sending its residents into panic. But amid the chaos, a miraculous rescue kindles an unexpected new love.
As she flees the raging inferno, Lucy Hathaway risks her life to save a precious baby girl. The little orphan is a gift from heaven, coming into Lucy's life just as the fire takes everything else from her.
Five years have passed, and Lucy has raised Maggie as her own. Now, seeking a loan to refinance her most cherished dream -- her bookstore, The Firebrand -- Lucy finds herself face-to-face with Randolph Higgins, Chicago's most prominent banker. Rand is a bitter, lonely man scarred by the great fire and still grieving for the baby girl he lost that night. And to her astonishment, Lucy discovers that the child she'd saved was his.
Some women would have run, some would have taken the secret of Maggie's identity to the grave. But not Lucy. Now her life is about to take another dramatic turn, forcing her to confront the one man who threatens all she holds dear. But it is their mutual love for a child that will propel Rand and Lucy on an unforgettable journey into emotion, adventure, and passion.

Author: Suzanne Enoch
Title: England's Perfect Hero
Description [From Fictiondb]
Lucinda is the last of three friends who agreed to turn the tables on London's most incorrigible rakes.
But love is the farthest thing from her mind.
A Hero in Disguise
With her two best friends happily married, Lucinda Barrett realizes she can no longer put off her lessons in love. The rogue she hopes to educate must be someone who will keep her life steady and uneventful -- and that someone is definitely not Robert Carroway! The handsome, brooding war hero is far too complicated, and he shuns London society and its "trivialities." Still, it is a pleasant surprise when Robert offers to assist Lucinda in her mission to reform and wed a more suitable nobleman. Now if only she can resist the sensuous allure of Robert's astoundingly blue eyes -- and his intense inner fire that leaves her breathless. Lucinda wants a husband, not a passionate, irresistible lover who could shake her world with one deep, lingering kiss. And her heart is telling her that this man could be the most dangerous, disastrous...and exhilarating love she will ever know.