Scarred Heroine Romance : Author - K

Author: Karen Ranney
Title: A Promise of Love
Twice widowed Judith Cuthbertson is nothing but another unwanted mouth to feed in her miserly father's home -- until he sells her off to a visiting Scotsman.
Now, en route to the Highlands, Judith is forced to bury her fears and ponder her fate in an unknown land as the reluctant bride of a complete stranger.
After the battle at Culloden claims his father and older brother, Alisdair MacLeod becomes the new laird of a once-great clam, and the unlikely savior of a proud people, struggling for their survival. A widower himself, MacLeod suddenly finds himself wed to a sharp-tongued Englishwoman who defies him at every turn, yet who awakens a passion he will battle anything to claim--even the impossible, irresistible Judith herself...