Scarred Heroine [Author M-P]

Author: Mary Jo Putney
Title: Silk and Shadows
Description: [From Fictiondb]
He called himself Peregrine, and like the falcon he was wild and free.
He was superbly handsome, fabulously wealthy, overwhelmingly seductive. He cut a dazzling swath through Victorian society--and wove a web of desire around beautiful and proud Lady Sara St. James, pledged to wed another man.
In Peregrine's arms Sara learned the meaning of forbidden passion-and forbidding mystery.
Only the turning power of love could pierce Peregrine's chilling silence about his secret past and hidden purpose ... as Sara plunged into a whirlpool of yearning and uncertainty with a man who was everything a woman could want and fear...

Author: Meg Allison
Title: Alaina's Promise
Description: [From Fictiondb]
When Alaina Ryan promised to take her father home to die, she never dreamed he wished her to marry a stranger.
After surviving the War Between the States and a violent attack, she's unable to stand the thought of a man's touch. But her betrothed awakens new feelings and Alaina finds herself trusting him despite her fears. Torin O'Brien regrets his misspent youth and the death of his first love. Unwilling to burden another with the shadow cast over his life, he refuses to consider marriage. Then Alaina's beauty and sweet nature tempt him beyond measure, and his resolve is sorely tested. But what kind of life can they share if no one trusts a man accused of murder?

Author: Michelle Beattie
Title: Romancing The Pirate
Description: [From Fictiondb]
A pirate attack during her childhood left Alicia Davidson with a scar on her beautiful face and memory loss.
But now she longs to find the sister she lost. And only one man can help her: pirate Blake Merritt-a man with demons of his own.

Author: Nan Ryan
Title: Wanting You
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Heiress... or Impostor?
She has no memory of her life before being captured by the Apache and becoming ward of a convent. Then suddenly she is given a name, a past -- and most of all, a future beyond her wildest dreams. Anna Regent Wright, the long-lost Regent heiress, has come home at last.
Adversaries... or Destined Lovers?
There is no doubt in Brit Caruth's mind that Anna is an inpostor. But as the summer heat grows, so does an unsettling heat of another kind. The beautiful stranger has a hold on his body but he'll be damned if he'll let her get her hands on an inheritance that the Regents have long said was his...

Author: Patricia Gaffney
Title: To Have & To Hold
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Sebastian Verlaine, the new Viscount D'Aubrey, was cynical, sophisticated, and too handsome for his own good.
He was also bored. Why else would he agree to sit on the bench with two fellow magistrates to judge the petty crimes of his tenants and neighbors? It was all a lark -- until a beautiful prisoner came before him, and he realized he held her fate in his hands.
Rachel Wade knew everything about helplessness and sexual degradation.
Her husband's violent death had freed her from that nightmare, but ten years in prison for his murder was only another kind of torture. Now a jaded viscount was offering her freedom -- but at a price. "Housekeeper," he termed her new position at Lynton Hall. "Lord D'Aubrey's whore," the scandalized villagers called it.
A ruthless, unkind bargain.
But neither of them guessed how the tables could be turned. How a game that began in base desire could lead to a breathtaking gamble in love.

Author: Patricia Grasso
Title: Tempting The Prince
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Beautiful Belle Flambeau relishes her independence even as she dreams of a family of her own.
When a vicious attack leaves her with an ugly scar, Belle retreats from society, her hopes of love and courtship dashed. Yet the darkly handsome, wounded stranger who seeks shelter on her property seems intent on proving otherwise, beginning a seduction that is slow, delicious, and utterly scandalous...
Prince Mikhail Kazanov wants--nay, needs--a loving, nurturing wife, not one of the shallow, empty-headed fortune hunters vying for his attentions.
Drawn to Belle, Mikhail uses subterfuge to woo her. But though their heated attraction explodes into sensual bliss, the truth drives Belle away--and into danger's path. Now, as an enemy makes his violent intentions known, Mikhail must find a way to win Belle's trust again. For with their love--and her life--at stake, he cannot afford to fail...