Paranormal Romance : Wolfram Family Series

Author: Donna Lea Simpson
Title: Awaiting The Moon
Series: Wolfram Family Book I
Description: [From Fictiondb]
Leaving England for a tutoring position at breathtaking Wolfram Castle in Germany has been no easy choice for Elizabeth Stanwycke.
But the job offers her a chance to slip her tattered reputation--for while she is bold, beautiful, and imaginative, she has not always been prudent...
When the carriage conveying her to Wolfram Castle nearly upsets on the frozen road, Elizabeth catches a moonlit vision of a naked young woman fleeing into the forest--pursued by a man on horseback. It is said that werewolves roam these woods--but Elizabeth is a woman of spirit and intelligence, not a child to be frightened by bedtime stories.
What alarms her more is her immediate and powerful attraction to her new employer, Count Nikolas von Wolfram. She knows from experience that a woman gives in to physical impulse at her peril. Elizabeth's task is to shape the count's sulky young niece into a suitable bride for an English earl--but with the air outside the castle curdled by wolf howls and on the inside rippling with family tension, she finds herself struggling to impart more discretion than she herself possesses...

Author: Donna Lea Simpson
Title: Awating The Night
Series: Wolfram Family II
Description: [From Ficriondb]
Alarmed by the wolves who haunt her dreams, beautiful Melisande Davidovich can't help but be intrigued by the handsome stranger who's mysteriously appeared at Wolfram Castle.
In spite of the dark secret he is obviously hiding -- and the danger he may pose -- Count Kazimir Vasilov captivates Melisande's body and soul...
Tormented by the mistakes of his past, Count Kazimir Vasilov has come to the castle on a dangerous mission: to stop a deadly legend from coming true. Melisande is a distraction he can't afford -- can she be deliberately obstructing him from his goal? He suspects Melisande may know more than she seems to, and Kazimir is reluctant to let down his guard for fear of falling under her enchanting spell...
But when Melisande's life is endangered by a madman who'll do anything to wreak havoc, Kazimir must find a way to save her -- without awakening the disaster the legend portends...

Author: Donna Lea Simpson
Title: Awaiting The Fire
Series: Wolfram Family Book III
A breathtaking werewolf historical romance about a man and woman as different as air and earth-who nevertheless form an elemental connection.
Headstrong and independent, Countess Charlotte won Wolfram has no intention of accepting the betrothal her family arranged with Simeon St. Ange, Earl of Wesmorlyn. Their first encounter is a London ballroom confirms it -- how could such a cold, priggish man ever understand her family's wild nature!

The failure of their meeting stings the Earl as deeply as Charlotte's beauty alarms him. Wes has worked too long at redeeming the family name to ally himself with a girl of erratic character. But, as Charlotte searches for her half-sister's English mother, he feels compelled to follow her own of the city, discovering that her passion and impetuousness stir him beyong reason -- and may put them all in grave danger.