Paranormal Romance Series : Midnight

Midnight KissAuthor: Nancy Gideon
Title:Midnight Kiss
Series: Midnight BOOK I
They were a gift from her handsome new suitor. After a wretched Season in London, Arabella Howland was ripe for a real romance. But she soon discovered that the Marquis Louis Radman was no ordinary bachelor...
A mysterious blood malady had brought Louis to Arabella's father. The celebrated Dr. Howland was his last hope--the only man alive who could break the spell that had tormented the nobleman for the past three centuries...
But Arabella saw only a man--a tender, irresistibly seductive stranger whose burning touch sent her own blood racing. Yet even as she donned a wedding dress and vowed to love Louis forever, the past was reaching out to claim him, calling him back to a place of eternal lust and longing--and forcing Arabella to choose between her sunlit world and the dark ecstasy of a...Midnight Kiss

Author: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Temptation
Series: Midnight BOOK II
A sheltered beauty raised in the scenic French countryside, Nicole Radouix's world shattered the day she discovered her father's shocking secret. Desperate and afraid, she fled for her immortal soul. . .
In the seething turmoil of post-revolution Paris, Nicole found a protector in handsome aristocrat Marchand La Valois. Yet even as their passion flamed into burning love, Nicole could not escape her dark fate. . .
But as Nicole draws Marchand deeper into a nighttime world of hypnotic seduction, a sensual enemy ensnares them both in a three-hundred-year-old web of betrayal and revenge. Now Nicole and Marchand must fight for the love that will join them forever in blood, rapture and the endless ecstasy of. . . MIDNIGHT TEMPTATION.

Author: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Surrender
Series: Midnight BOOK III
On the streets of turn-of-the-century New York, a savage killer is stalking beautiful women. For ambitious publisher Cassie Alexander, solving the case isn't just a story--it's an obsession. But she's about to learn that when fresh blood is spilled, ancient blood rises to the scent. . .
In handsome, elusive Louis Radcliffe, Cassie will find both protection. . . and peril. Louis is a man haunted by blood, a man whose erotic embrace will entice her into a dark world of exquisite, endless rapture . . .
But shadowing Cassie and Louis is an even greater menace. . . a danger that no one--mortal or undying--can survive. Together, they must battle the madness that enshrouds them. . . even as they are consumed by a love that could damn them forever to the burning ecstasy of a . . . .MIDNIGHT SURRENDER.

Midnight EnchantmentAuthor: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Enchantment
Series: Midnight BOOK IV
After a 400 year existence as a vampire, Gerard Pascale wants only to be left alone to shadow the midnight streets of turn of the century New Orleans . . . until blackmail binds him to a mortal bride who throws his dark world into an upheaval.
Certain he can escape the unwanted bargain through the treacherous terms he makes, Gerard discovers his new wife may not be as helpless to resist his will as he at first believes.
Haunted by a whispered past of witchcraft and voodoo, Laure Cristobel became a bride out of necessity; to protect herself and the unborn child she carries.
Though alarmed to find herself wed to a monster, she's dangerously close to falling in love with the man he once was . . . the man she hopes she can make him once again through her own magic skills.

Midnight GambleAuthor: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Gamble
Series: Midnight BOOK V
Against the uninhibited decadence of 1920's New York where bootleg liquor flowed until dawn to the sound of hot jazz and rolling dice, day-walking vampire, Frederica Lavoy is sent to bring her immortal love, the exotic and mysterious Eduard D'Arcy to meet her father's justice for crimes against humankind.
But is it justice that waits, or vengeance, as an age-old enemy begins to manipulate both hunted and huntress? In this game of cat and mouse, the stakes are not just life and death, but the immortal soul.

Midnight RedeemerAuthor: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Redeemer
Series: Midnight BOOK VI
Dare centuries-old vampire Louis Redman believe an inquisitive researcher's claim that she's close to finding a cure for his age-old curse?
Determined to become human again, he must trust the lovely geneticist who has pushed her way into his guarded life...and heart...not to betray him to the government agency that wants to uncover his secrets for their own purposes.
Scientist Stacy Kimball discovers potential fame and the answer to immortality in a murder victim's blood sample.
But as she gets closer to the truth, danger stalks her from the shadows. Who wants to silence her from making the breakthrough of a lifetime? The agency that funds her work, the mysterious donor who threatens her emotions or the killer who terrorizes Seattle's night scene?

Midnight Shadows (Midnight Series)Author: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Shadows
Series: Midnight BOOK VII
There are no monsters.
Myth-busting ethnologist, Sheba Reynard has made it her life's work to prove that is true. But while exposing hoaxes, she's hiding from the frightening shadows of her own past. In order to find the missing pieces of her memory that continue to haunt her dreams, she must face the truth behind the nightmares . . . a truth that may mean madness or even death.
Frank Cobb knows monsters are real.
He's pursued a wily vampire into the jungles of Peru, but are his motives purely business-to bring the creature back for government research-or for a completely personal revenge? What he didn't count on, was an annoyingly strong-willed woman getting in his way.
Forced together by circumstance, one must surrender their quest if the other is to survive.

Midnight Masquerade (Midnight Series)Author: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Masquerade
Series: Midnight BOOK VIII
An offer too good to be true . . .
An invitation to join an exclusive D.C. law firm seems like a dream come true and the chance for Nick Flynn to leave his mistakes behind. But it's his shadowy past and unrealized inheritance that attracted his mysterious employers. Once embroiled in their dark schemes, his struggle for success becomes a battle for his immortal soul.
Nothing is as it seems . . .
Loner detective Rae Borden goes undercover as a call girl to discover the truth about her best friend's death. Using Nick Flynn seems the perfect means to the desired end until desire becomes a problem she hadn't considered. Her carefully laid plan of revenge and personal redemption becomes a crusade against an unbelievable evil . . . with Nick Flynn in the middle.
Let the Masquerade begin . . .

Midnight Crusader (Midnight Series)Author: Nancy Gideon
Title: Midnight Crusader
Series: Midnight BOOK IX
Having given up his mortal life to search for his lost love through the centuries, vampire Gabriel McGraw begins his final crusade to free her from an enemy’s grip against the glittery backdrop of Las Vegas.
But is she the same woman he loved and lost or an equally dangerous foe who could betray all that he believes in?
Naomi Bright’s memories go back no farther than her arrival in Las Vegas.
Does her hidden past conceal madness or a truth too terrible to be believed? Compulsion draws her toward a medieval fantasy world, and obsession to a man she instinctively knows but can’t remember. Will finding the answers release her from her prison of fear or bind her more closely to a long suppressed act of evil?