Historical Romance Series : Border Trilogy I

Border Bride (Zebra Historical Romance)Author: Amanda Scott
Title: Border Bride
Series: Border Trilogy I - BOOK I
Her copper-gold hair outshone the wealth in her father's coffers. . . her lovely figure was as graceful on a galloping stallion as in the king's ballroom. Mary Kate MacPherson would attempt everything in her power to escape an arranged marriage with the arrogant clansman from the barbaric borderlands. For only she knew that he had an old score to settle, and that his desire to marry and tame her arose only from his devastating desire for her inviting body . . . and revenge.
His broad shoulders easily bore the weight of the king's trust. His teasing dark eyes lured every woman, from lusty scullery maid to aristocratic vixen. But all Sir Adam Douglas demanded from a wife was decorum. Or so he thought, until fiery-spirited Mary Kate became his wife and he was faced with the ultimate challenge --- a woman who could crave his sensual touch with the kind of passion men dream of . . . but resist his domination of her heart.

Border FireAuthor: Amanda Scott
Title: Border Fire
Series: Border Trilogy I - BOOK II
Bold and brazen Rabbie Redcloak was notorious along the Scottish-English border, but few were aware of his true identity--Sir Quinton Scott, heir apparent to the most powerful Scottish border lord.
Captured by the formidable Sir Hugh Graham, Quin calmly awaited the hangman's noose. But his rescue came with the impetuous Janet Graham who ventured to the castle's dungeon.
Lured by Quin's seductive charm, Janet plotted his daring escape. Fearing for the safety of his rescuer if he left her behind, Quin had no choice but to take the silver-blonde beauty with him, risking his very life--and his heart.

Border Storm (Zebra Historical Romance)Author: Amanda Scott
Title: Border Storm
Series: Border Trilogy I - BOOK III
As daughter of a Scottish march warden, Laurie Halliot knew life could be treacherous in the Borders.
But when the English accused her runaway stepsister of murder, Laurie pledged herself as hostage until the truth could be uncovered. To protect her honor, her father insisted she be handfasted to her jailor.
And so Laurie became the reluctant bride of Sir Hugh Graham of Brackengill, English brother of the notorious Scots heroine, Janet the Bold. A man of divided loyalties and strong heart, Hugh tempted Laurie as no man had before. If she was ever to regain her freedom, she must stay out of his bed, but how could she deny her own dangerous passions?