Paranormal Romance Series : In A Kilt

A Man In A Kilt (Zebra Debut)Author: Sandy Blair
Title: A Man In A Kilt
Series: In A Kilt - BOOK I
A Lonely Laird
Duncan MacDougall, the laird of Blackstone, was cursed centuries ago to wander as a ghost within the echoing walls of his island castle--and only one woman can free him. Can it be the new mistress of Blackstone, just arrived from over the sea? Duncan has heard that pretty Miss Elizabeth Pudding is no more than a cook--and she hails from a barbarous land called the Bronx. But she must learn the ways of a lady all the same--and she must stay at Blackstone for six long months to inherit. 'Tis time enough to teach her--and time enough to woo her...
An Enchanting Lady
Beth has seen the handsome specter from the day she crossed the threshold of Blackstone. Duncan MacDougall is a tall, translucent figure with black hair and piercing blue eyes. Yet a mist separates him from the land of the living...a mist as strong as cold steel. It is said that only love can dissolve it--and bring the man of her dreams to warm, breathing life...

A Rogue In A Kilt (Zebra Historical Romance)Author: Sandy Blair
Title: A Rogue In A Kilt
Series: In A Kilt - BOOK II
The Bravest Heart
To win a wager--and the keys to a castle from his liege lord--Sir Angus McDougall must find a bride in three months' time. What woman would refuse so bold a knight? His slightly tarnished armor and battle scars should not matter--and yet they all say no. Then an inadvertent handfasting binds him to Birdalane, a shy beauty and a gifted healer whom some consider a witch. And Angus cannot help but fall under her spell...
The Fairest Bride
Though he is a stranger to her, Birdalane leaves her woodland home to follow her new husband over the hills and dales of Scotland. Their journey is difficult and she has neither kith nor kin to help her. But her mystical gift allows her to read his innermost heart...and foretell the incredible path they will travel together...

A Thief In A KiltAuthor: Sandy Blair
Title: A Thief In A Kilt
Series: In A Kilt - BOOK III
A Rogue By Any Other Name
Scoundrel. Seducer. Sir Ian MacKay deserves to be called the Thief of Hearts. Yet he is a man with a mission: to return Scotland's rightful king to his ancestral throne. But first he must find out the true identity of the mysterious woman whose beauty and wit have dazzled the court . . . and why she is avoiding him. Can it be possible that Kate Templeton is an English spy?
Though Ian insists that no woman has ever refused him, Kate vows to resist his scandalous charm. Leading him on a merry chase all over Scotland is the best way to safeguard her heart. Yet a passionate confrontation brings them together at last . . . and the only word on her lips is yes . . .