Historical Romance Series : Kenyon Family

Romancing the RogueAuthor: Barbara Dawson Smith
Title: Romancing The Rogue
Series: Kenyon Family - BOOK I
When Michael Kenyon, the Marquess of Stokeford, finds his grandmother having her palm read by a gypsy beauty, he's convinced that Vivien Thorne is a fortune hunter.
The Marquess is determined to expose her as a fraud-and Vivien is equally determined to claim her rightful heritage. Yet neither the spirited gypsy nor the notorious rogue foresee the white-hot desire that turns their battle into a daring game where to surrender is unthinkable ... impossible ... and altogether irresistible.

Tempt Me TwiceAuthor: Barbara Dawson Smith
Title: Tempt Me Twice
Series: Kenyon Family - BOOK II
A rogue shrouded in mystery, Lord Gabriel Kenyon returns from abroad to find himself guardian of Kate Talisford, the girl he had betrayed four years earlier.
Now sworn to protect her, he fights his attraction to the spirited young woman. Although Kate wants nothing to do with the scoundrel who had once scorned her, Gabriel is the only man who can help her recover a priceless artifact stolen from her late father.
On a quest to outwit a murderous villain, she soon discovers her true adventure lies with Gabriel himself, a seducer whose tempting embrace offers an irresistible challenge--to uncover his secrets and claim his heart forever...

With All My HeartAuthor: Barbara Dawson Smith
Title: With All My Heart
Series: Kenyon Family - BOOK III
The piercing shot came out of nowhere. Stunned to see his dueling opponent fall, Lord Joshua Kenyon is even more shocked to discover that his injured foe is a beautiful woman in disguise. But who was that cloaked man fleeing on horseback? And why did he seek to kill Miss Anne Neville? Fearing the answer could be linked to his scandalous past, Joshua vows to learn the truth...
Anne despises the seductive war hero who has proven himself a rogue. Yet with her life at stake, she must join forces with Joshua and enter society to unmask the culprit. Posing as a courting couple will be difficult enough, but dancing with Joshua by candlelight and feeling his strong arms against the bare silk of her skin may be impossible for Anne to resist. And against all reason, she finds herself in danger of losing her heart...

One Wild NightAuthor: Barbara Dawson Smith
Title: One Wild Night
Series: Kenyon Family - BOOK IV
I have always taken pride in my bad reputation.Polite society viewed me as depraved and utterly dissolute, for I was a disciple of passion. Pleasure was my hallmark, women my pastime. That is, before the incomparable Lady Charlotte Quinton disrupted my life--again.
Due to a scandal of her own making, she had been banished from home for five years. Apparently she decided that a life of boring respectability was the key to her happiness., We might have continued dawn our divergent paths if not for a vicious attack on our families.
Tracking a dangerous criminal occupied my time, but the tart-tongued spinster Lady Charlotte occupied my mind--and my desires. Certainly no other woman in London was immune to my charms. Yet the more Charlotte spurned me, the more I vowed to have her. After all, I can resist anything but temptation...

The Wedding NightAuthor: Barbara Dawson Smith
Title: The Wedding Night
Series: Kenyon Family - BOOK V
Dear Diary,
Four years have passed since the utter humiliation of my wedding night.

But it seems like just yesterday that my husband left me--before consummating our marriage. So why, then, do I still harbor feelings for the selfish cad I once adored? Why did my heart quicken when I finally saw him again? I have my own life to lead, and my own secret, romantic novels to write. Samuel Firth has no place in my world.
Of course, the only reason Samuel returned to England was to contest my wish for a legal separation. He says he will not grant it--unless I agree to play the role of his wife until his place in Society has been secured. I knew he only married me for my noble name!
Yes, I was forced to agree to his sordid scheme. But if he thinks that our bargain grants him access to my bed, then he shall be sorely disappointed. In truth, it shall be quite amusing to lead him on--and then spurn him as he once spurned me!
From the private diary of Lady Cassandra Firth