Historical Romance Series : Magic Locket

The Ambitious Baronet (Signet Regency Romance)Author: April Kihlstorm
Title: The Ambitious Baronet
Series: Magic Locket - BOOK I
Miss Alexandra Barlow wishes that her "enchanted" locket could improve her life
She is more than ready for a bit of magic. But will Robert Stanford, handsome new lord of the manor, be the one to make her wishes come true?

The Widower's Folly (Signet Regency Romance)Author: April Kihlstorm
Title: The Widower's Folly
Series: Magic Locket - BOOK II
The Abashed Authoress
William, Lord Rivendale, is at his wit's end. His young daughter has steadfastly refused to speak since she witnessed her mother's unfortunate death. But she loves to read--especially a series of books written by an anonymous "lady of quality." Desperate for a way to reach his mute child, William seeks out the author--only to discover that she is just as enthralling and delightful as her stories.
A shy, sweet-natured young lady, Theresa Barlow prefers the make-believe worlds she creates in her books to the tumultuous trials of real life. After surviving a disastrous Season, she has vowed never to marry--the last thing she needs is a man in her life. She sees William as a clever, charming companion-but most definitely not as a suitor. That is, until scandal surrounds her--and he resolves to stand by her... .

The Sentimental SoldierAuthor: April Kihlstorm
Title: The Sentimental Soldier
Series: Magic Locket - BOOK III
All's Fair in War...and Love
A battle over territories becomes a battle of the sexes--and of the heart--when a British colonel posing as a priest and an adventurous young lady masquerading as a prince make reluctant allies in wartime France. But amid intrigue and espionage, nothing is what it seems. And even the most clever of guises can't hide the face of love....