Paranormal Romance Series : The Bordeaux Trilogy

White as SnowAuthor: Morgana De Winter
Title: White As Snow
Series: Bordeaux Trilogy BOOK I
His name was the essence of nightmares ... his domain the birthplace of despair.
No sane man would venture there, but for the sake of her father's life, Bianca the Pure must willingly go to the embrace of the black knight ... Damian Alessandro.
To break the curse holding him in thrall, Damian is willing to do anything, even seduce innocent Bianca Bordeaux. But he soon finds himself bewitched ... and in more peril than he could have ever imagined....

Red as BloodAuthor: Morgana De Winter
Title: Red As Blood
Series: Bordeaux Trilogy BOOK II
When Cerise Bordeaux stumbled into the accursed Hellsing wood in search of her missing sister, she never dreamed she’d be confronted by the fearsome vampire lord of legend, Daegon Erlansson.
But when he took her in his arms and arched her neck deeply for his kiss, it wasn’t fear for her life that consumed her. At his mercy in every way, Cerise must fight the dizzying rush of passion that assails her at his every punishment … his every kiss … if she is ever to see her homeland again.

Dark as WineAuthor: Morgana De Winter
Title: Dark As Wine
Series: Bordeaux Trilogy BOOK III
Locked away from life in her tower prison, Adriana Bordeaux can only dream of finding the love she so desperately yearns for.
Desolate in her loneliness, she offers up a plea to Morpheus, Guardian of Dreams--for legend holds that a maiden who is pure of heart may summon the Lord of the Night and he must grant her heart’s desire.