Paranormal Romance Series : Tribes Of The Vampire

Tribes Of The Vampire: Redeemer of Shadows (Book One)Author: Michelle M Pillow
Title: Redeemer of Shadows
Series: Tribes of the Vampire BOOK I
Hathor Vinceti does not feel as if she completely belongs in the world around her, yet she never imagines that more could be waiting for her.
She decides to move to London to help Georgia run her seasonal upscale bed-and-breakfast home.
But in London Hathor finds more than just an exotic city that captures the mind -- she finds a thriving underworld seething with wickedly bored vampires. And what could be worse than immortal beings with nothing to do and forever to do it?

Tribes of the Vampire: The Jaded Hunter (Book Two)Author: Michelle M Pillow
Title: The Jaded Hunter
Series: Tribes of the Vampire BOOK II
Jaden MacNaughton has been raised to do one thing, kill vampires.
It's her life’s work to hunt down the guilty creatures of the night and bring their victims justice. And, being a dhampir, she is better matched to deal with them than a mere mortal. Never has she doubted her purpose in life or the sacrifices she’s had to make, until the night a mission went terribly wrong.
Tyr is a Dark Knight, a member of an elite group of vampiric punishers so secretive only the tribal elders know of their existence.
When it is learned Jaden unjustly killed the vampire Bhaltair, he is sent to judge her. However, when he meets the beautiful dhampir, he is not prepared to find the hunter sick of the hunt. Tired of feeling the emotions of those around her, Jaden is searching for peace. And death is the only peace she can know.

Tribes of the Vampire: Eternally Bound (Book Three)Author: Michelle M Pillow
Title: Eternally Bound
Series: Tribes of the Vampire BOOK III
I was cursed before I even met you-cursed by my own blood, cursed by an ancient spell to become what I am now.
Tatiana Sinclair has lived a perfect noblewoman's life, until the night her brother Henry forces her to cover up a horrible crime. Now, haunted by the only witness to her deeds, Count Spoleti, Tatiana is led into a world she never dreamt existed.
"Vampiro," Marcello stated, his accent thick and heavy as it lingered on that one word for what seemed like an eternity. "I am a vampire. But, more importantly, I am your master."
Count Marcello Spoleti is intrigued by the female who dares to try and control the vampire. But, he also knows there is more to Tatiana than just a pretty face--much, much more. Forcing her father to give her over to him, lest he tell of his children's crimes, Marcello plans on keeping Tatiana in his complete control.
Rated: This book contains explicit words and phrases(swearing/uncouth/vulgar slang).