Paranormal Romance Series : De Piaget Family

Another Chance to DreamAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: Another Chance To Dream
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK I
With neither title nor land, Rhys could not win the hand of Gwennelyn of Segrave.
But he would always have her heart. The two are kindred souls. Rhys, a knight with far too many notions of chivalry for his own good. And Gwen, a lover of minstral tales, waiting to be swept away.
But Gwen is betrothed to another man, and Rhys fears he will lose her forever...
Until a surprise offer comes his way - bringing Rhys and Gwen a second chance at love and...Another Chance To Dream.

If I Had YouAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: If I Had You
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK II
Artane...a majestic keep on the edge of the sea.
Artane...the foster home of Anne of Fenwyck and the legacy of Robin de Piaget.

Warring had kept Robin far from home for so long, Anne had all but given up hope he would ever return. But now Robin has returned to Artane--to the enchanting young woman who leaves him breathless with longing ... and to a treachery that places them both in terrible danger.
Then as the past threatens their future, he realizes that he wants nothing more than to have her--forever...

Dreams of StardustAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: Dreams Of Stardust
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK III
A magical love story about a modern man who's swept back into medieval England and the beautiful woman he yearns to possess...
Jake Kilchurn travels the world to unearth exquisite stones for this one-of-a-kind creations, but it is during an unexpected side trip to Seakirk castle that he meets a cadre of ghosts discussing a timeless beauty who lived centuries ago.
Amanda de Piaget is busy doing what she does best--fending off suitors--when she stumbles on a different kind of man. He is unconscious, dirty, and oddly clad. But unlike the other men who find themselves at Artane, Jake knows nothing about her--and Amanda finds herself strangely drawn to him.
Time has brought them together to the safety of its walls, but only time will tell if they'll escape those who would try to tear them apart...

When I Fall in LoveAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: When I Fall In Love
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK IV
Now, she weaves the breathtaking story of a man searching for the love of a lifetime and a woman who steals his heart...from across time.
Nicholas de Piaget is finished with demoiselles more interested in his riches than his heart. He is certain he'll spend the rest of his life in his leaky castle, watching others enjoy wedded bliss, until he stumbles upon a flame-haired maiden in distress. His honor demands that he help her return home--if only his heart would allow it.
Jennifer McKinnon is convinced that there are no more knights in shining armor--at least not in Manhattan. Then a chance trip to England leaves her wondering if a happily ever after might be in her future. Little does she know that a hero of legendary chivalry awaits her...eight hundred years in the past.
But desires of the heart and dangerous secrets threaten to tear them apart, and only time will tell if true love can lead them to a fairy-tale ending...

The Christmas CatLove Came Just in TimeAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: The Gift Of Christmas Past [SS from Chirstmas Cat, Love Came Just In Time]
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK V
Miles de Piaget
A feline guardian angel has to pull his mistress back in time to a Christmas Eve long agowhere she finds her own true love…

This is all I askAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: This Is All I Ask
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK VI
A Sweeping, emotional novel capturing all the passion and majesty of the medieval period.
Set near the Scottish border at a rugged castle on the edge of the sea, this is the story of a courageous lord who lost everything he held dear....of a strong young woman willing to sacrifice everything for happiness.
Two lost souls who find in each other a reason to live again, to laugh again, and to love for the first time...

The More I See YouAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: The More I See You
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK VII
A wish upon a star transports the luckless-in-love Jessica Blakely back in time to the thirteenth century.
But her desire for a fair and gallant knight yields the fearsome Richard De Galtres. Though wary of Jessica's mysterious ways, Richard protectively harbors her in his castle by the sea.
Though her stubborn will nearly drives him mad, the very sight of her puts a smile on a face that has known too few. And when Jessica's tender desire pierces the armor around his heart, Richard fears he may never be able to recover - or resist...

From This Moment OnAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: From This Moment On
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK VIII
In this sweeping, emotional love story, Lynn Kurland takes us back to the thirteenth century--and all the passion and magnificence of medieval England...
Colin of Berkhamshire knows two things--the pleasures of warring and that brides do not want him. Two years ago his bride-to-be, Alienore, fled and hasn't been seen since. Yet his father keeps foisting prospects on him. The latest seems to do nothing but faint.
Alienore of Solonge knows two things as well--that fleeing not only Colin but also her scheming stepmother was the right thing to do. Yet as a knight in disguise she constantly fears discovery. At this point, she's not sure whom she fears more, the Butcher of Berkhamshire or her evil stepmother.
Through a bizarre twist of fate, she ends up journeying with her charge--Colin's latest intended--to England, where Alienore finds herself not only in the Butcher of Berkhamshire's garrison, but being made over into a knight by him personally. She thinks her life cannot worsen.
Until she begins to fall in love with him...

TapestryTo Kiss In the ShadowsAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: To Kiss In The Shadows [SS from Tapestry]
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK IX
Woven from the color and pageantry of the Middle Ages...
From the burning passions of bold and beautiful women...
From the brave hearts of strong and courageous men...

Jason of Artane has his heart set on a noble quest, but his plans change when he meets a mysterious young woman who hides behind her tapestry frame yet manages to capture his heart.

Stardust of Yesterday (Haunting Hearts Series)Author: Lynn Kurland
Title: Stardust Of Yesterday
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK X
Daydreaming of her wonderful castle, she imagined that it contained a handsome, brave knight --
Suddenly, her eyes flew open. She scrambled over her chair, looking with alarm at what was quivering in front of her, only an inch away from where her toes had dangled off the edge...
It was a sword.
"I'll not miss my mark a second time." A deep voice grated from behind her.
She whirled around.
It was her knight.
It was also her ghost.
Genevieve Buchanan had inherited a castle - and a ghost to go along with it. But Kendrick de Piaget was no typical ghost. He was a handsome and infuriatingly arrogant thirteenth-century knight. At first he wanted to frighten Genevieve, though she was more charmed than scared by his ghostly tricks...But when his thoughts turned to wooing her instead, Genevieve had to face her greatest fear: falling in love...

Till There Was YouAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: Till There Was You
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK XI
Zachary Smith is finished with high-maintenance women, impossible clients, and paranormal adventures.
He wants an ordinary life and a happily-ever-after with a fresh-faced girl next door. But when he walks through a doorway into a different century, he knows his life isn't going to turn out quite the way he planned.
Mary de Piaget is passionate about two things: training her father's horses and avoiding wedded bliss.
But when she finds herself facing marriage to the most perfect knight in En gland, she fears for more than her freedom, because only she can see the malice behind the perfection. And then a chance encounter with a strangely dressed traveler kindles her hope for different fate.
But to change Mary's life is to change Zachary's future-- with disastrous results. Yet how can either of them face the alternative...

One Enchanted EveningAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: One Enchanted Evening
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK XII
Montgomery de Piaget attracts responsibilities like blossoms lure bees. Where other knights have bonny brides, laughing children, and noble quests, he has the task of rebuilding the most dilapidated castle in all of England. A bit of magic might aid him -- if only he still believed in that sort of thing.
When Pippa Alexander is invited to England to provide costumes for an upscale party, she jumps at the chance to showcase her own line of fairy-tale inspired designs. Not even her older sister’s decision to act as Fairy Queen crushes Pippa’s hope that this time, she’ll wind up wearing the glass slippers. Not that she believes in fairy tales, or magic that whispers along the hallways of an honest-to-goodness medieval castle…
But the castle is full of more than cobwebs, and danger lurks in unexpected places. And only time will tell if Montgomery and Pippa can overcome both to find their own happily every after . . .

One Magic MomentAuthor: Lynn Kurland
Title: One Magic Moment
Series: De Piaget Family BOOK XIII
There’s no time like the present . . .
if you’re running away from the past.

Tess Alexander has it all: family within reach, work she loves, and the chance to live in a perfectly restored medieval castle. But then a trip to the village brings her face-to-face with the new owner of the local garage, who looks a great deal like the man who married her sister . . . eight hundred years in the past. She’s determined to remain objective about magic and destiny, yet she can’t help but wonder about the mysterious, sword-wielding mechanic . . .
As far as John de Piaget is concerned, he has no past; it’s safer that way. The last thing he needs is the nosey medieval studies scholar from the nearby castle dredging up ancient history—his ancient history. But from the moment he lays eyes on Tess, John can’t help but wonder how he ever took a decent breath without her . . . or how he’s going to protect her from the treachery that threatens both their futures.