Paranormal Romance Series : Of Angels & Demons

Angel Slayer. Michele Hauf (Mb Nocturne)Author: Michele Hauf
Title: Angel Slayer
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK I
All her life Eden Campbell had dreamed of angels...but none that she painted was like the fallen angel who attacked her.
A muse, Eden was now to bear her attacker's offspring -- one who promised the apocalypse and foretold her death. Where else could she turn but into the arms of a mesmerizingly handsome angel slayer? But Ashur's protection came with a price.
The dark, dangerous and oh-so-sexy slayer tormented her, made her remember how long it'd been since she'd had a man.
But Ashur was no man, and no angel. He was a demon. Called from Beneath to slay her attacker, he could commit every sin but couldn't fall in love. And that was the one thing Eden wanted from him. How could she choose between a death sentence or a life without Ashur?

Fallen (Harlequin Nocturne)Author: Michele Hauf
Title: Fallen
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK II
Wanting to be a part of mankind, the angel fell -- losing his halo, the prize that held his earthbound soul.
Now Cooper must retrieve it. But wherever the Fallen walk, a Sinistari demon intent on slaying one is not far behind. Cooper knows he must be wary of this demon. But his first encounter with her leaves him curiously hungering for more....
To reclaim her own soul, Pyxion must kill an angel.
Not just any angel, but one who's fallen to earth and taken on an irresistible, seductive human form. She never expected that she would feel an attraction for the man she hunted -- or that she might need his help. When faced with a powerful mutual threat, she and Cooper form an alliance. But as the danger heightens, so does the passion...and if they give in, all could be lost.

Ashes of Angels: Ashes of Angels\The Ninja Vampire's Girl (Harlequin Nocturne)Author: Michele Hauf
Title: Ashes of Angels
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK III
As a muse, Cassandra Stevens had been warned of the Fallen angel who'd one day come to impregnate her with a nephilim, an evil offspring.
But no one could have foreseen that Samandriel -- the raven-haired, silver-winged Fallen one -- would sweep her off her feet. Against all good sense, Sam stirred her suppressed desires, yet for her own sake she dared not arouse his carnal ones.
For Sam had been summoned to earth by a dark vampire lord.
And more Fallen were on their way. Despite the dangers, Cassandra needed Sam by her side, for only together could they prevent the apocalypse that had been unleashed...

Halo HunterAuthor: Michele Hauf
Title: Halo Hunter
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK IV
My name is Michael Donovan. I'm a halo hunter. And I want to believe.
For ten years I've been collecting halos, lost when fallen angels purposefully left heaven to mate with human women. But in all that time, I've never seen an angel.
In Paris searching for halo number eighteen, I get a lucky break when a gorgeous woman named Vinny offers up the halo's location--for a price. Even though she sends up all kinds of warning signals, I can't resist her offer. She's too interesting, too mysterious...and way too sexy.
Sure enough, soon I'm being shot at, followed by strange men, and learning more about the supernatural world from Vinny than I ever could have imagined. Why are the pretty ones always so dangerous?

The Ninja Vampire's GirlAuthor: Michele Hauf
Title: The Ninja Vampire's Girl
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK V
Coco Stevens has a taste for adventure—enough to risk stealing a halo from a Fallen angel to help her sister.
But she never imagined her mission would land her in the arms of a scarred—but still dangerously sexy—vampire!
Zane is on his own quest to hunt a Fallen angel, and will do whatever it takes to win...including bite the interfering Coco.
Even if it joins them by an erotic bond that warms both vampire and mortal's blood with desire...

The Sin Eater's Promise (Of Angels & Demons)Author: Michele Hauf
Title: The Sin Eater's Promise
Series: Of Angels & Demons BOOK VI
Let the battle for souls begin.
Sin eater, Desdenova Fleetwood dreamed of falling in love—but knew it could never happen to her. When the mysterious soul bringer, Blackthorn Regis, demands she give up her livelihood, the two question their very reason for living—and loving.
This short story was previously published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PARANORMAL ROMANCE 2 (Oct '10), and is set in Michele Hauf's BEAUTIFUL CREATURES world. It is a paranormal romance suitable for adults and YA reading.