Paranormal Romance Series : Wicked Games

The Highwayman (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))Author: Michele Hauf
Title: The Highwayman
Series: Wicked Games BOOK I
Max Fitzroy, the legendary Highwayman, had slain scores of demons with a razorlike whip and a burning need for revenge.
Now, to rid himself of the demon inside him--who'd cursed him with immortality and stolen all sensual pleasures--Max needed a witch's familiar, the one creature he'd made a career of killing.
But the Highwayman wasn't prepared for the familiar named Aby.
The sleek and sexy conduit to the demon world saw past his swirling shadow as easily as he scaled the walls she'd erected to protect herself. Max needed Aby to grant him his freedom, and then he needed to slay her. But how could he destroy the only creature he'd desired in centuries?

Moon Kissed (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))Author: Michele Hauf
Title: Moon Kissed
Series: Wicked Games BOOK II
Escaping from bloodthirsty vampires, Belladonna Reynolds ran straight into the arms of a werewolf.
As a man Severo drew her in with his dark good looks; as a beast he astounded her with his insatiable sensual appetite. Whether afraid or aroused, Bella fled to his lair when threatened by an evil monster of the night....
Severo tried to keep Bella -- his mate -- safe from the vampiress who held a malicious desire for revenge against him, but he alone wasn't enough.
Now Bella had taken the form of his most cursed enemy. How could he desire the very thing he'd spent his life destroying? And even if he did, what would the werewolf do to Bella on the next full moon?

Her Vampire Husband (M&B Nocturne (B Format))Author: Michele Hauf
Title: Her Vampire Husband
Series: Wicked Games BOOK III
She may resist his bite, but she can't resist his charms…
Werewolf princess Blu Masterson won't allow her seductive vampire husband to consummate their marriage with his bite, marking her forever. Alone in a secluded estate with her sworn enemy, Blu curses the marriage arranged to bring their rival nations together, especially since Creed Saint-Pierre calls out to her most feral desires.
When Blu uncovers her pack's secret plot to destroy the vampire nation -- and Creed -- she is forced to confront her growing feelings for her sexy undead husband. Will she choose the only life she's ever known or accept his vampire bite?

After the KissAuthor: Michele Hauf
Title: After The Kiss
Series: Wicked Games BOOK IV
Belladonna Reynolds has just married a werewolf.
Severo has given her nearly everything she could want--love, amazing sex, and the honor of choosing her as his mate for life. Yet there is one thing she craves that Severo will not give her: his blood.
To a vampire, a couple's great bond is formed with the bite.
But Severo will be shunned by his own kind once marked by a vampire. Even as they enjoy intense passion in their marriage bed, Bella and Severo have to wonder: Can a marriage between a werewolf and a vampire work?

Vampire's TangoAuthor: Michele Hauf
Title: Vampire's Tango
Series: Wicked Games BOOK V
Vampire Alexandre Renard never met a more intriguing woman than Veronica Marshall.
He waited for weeks for the mysterious woman to make her move...and wasn't disappointed when they shared a seductive dance at a Paris tango club. Their passion made him want to savor their embrace forever--even though he knew that Veronica was a slayer waiting for her chance to destroy him....
Faced with an early death, Veronica became a vampire hunter to do some good in the world before being forced to leave it.
But as her game of cat-and-mouse with Alexandre turned into nights of unforgettable pleasure, how could she destroy the man she came to love?
With time--and their enemies--against them, vampire and slayer will have to fight to win just one more day in each other's arms....