Paranormal Romance Series : Time Passages

Remember Love (Time Passages Series)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Remember Love
Series: Time Passages - BOOK I
Alaska, 1866.
Beautiful, tender Felicity Forsythe needed looking after. She possessed the body of a woman -- and the mind of a child. No one was surprised when she fell off a ship and succumbed to the ocean.
Los Angeles, 1996.
Brilliant, powerful Winifred McCanless needed love. A renowned scientist, her career was her only companion. She had never been pretty, never dated, never even kissed a man, when a bolt of lightning took her young life.
In dying, Winifred was born again -- as Felicity Forsythe.
Pulled from the water and brought back to life, she marveled at her gorgeous face, her lush body, and her poshly appointed estate. But her new life came with a price: She was married to the unbearably arrogant, maddeningly seductive Ransom Hamilton. A man of his time, he was an impossible chauvinist. A man of the world, he possessed a masterful touch that drove her to the brink of ecstasy.

Silver Tomorrows (Time Passages Romance)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Silver Tomorrows
Series: Time Passages - BOOK II
Colorado, 1882.
Boyle Tremaine's family had been torn apart by the Civil War. But he'd rowed to restore their place within Virginia's elite society--and he wouldn't let anyone alter his plan...
Colorado, 1996.
A wealthy socialite, Emily Fergeson never felt like she fit in. But when an earthquake thrust her back in time, she knew she'd landed right where she belonged...
Emily Fergeson had spent her whole life trying to please others.
But the day she decided to start living life for herself, an earthquake sent her back to a simpler time. Trapped near a Colorado silver mine, she was forced to rely on a total stranger for her survival. Handsome Boyle Tremaine could be arrogant and stubborn, but Emily felt at home in his rustic cabin--and in his life. Like Emily, Boyle battled demons from his past--a past that seemed destined to keep them apart.
Boyle had his whole future ahead of him. But for Emily, true happiness could only be found in the past.

Heaven's Time (Time Passages Series , No 12)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Heaven's Time
Series: Time Passages - BOOK III
Melissa Fuller thought she could get closer to heaven by being an astronaut. What she got instead was a meteorite shower that destroyed the satellite she was on --- and put an end to her life of loneliness and pain.
Washington Territory, 1887. Rory McCullough saw the falling star light up the night with the brilliance of a noon sun before it splashed into the lake beside his mountain home. From those cold waters he rescued a woman of ethereal beauty. He wrapped her in furs, nursed her back to health, and took her into his home. Weakened from her long earth-bound journey, she could not speak and did not understand how certain death had transformed into a new life --- and a promise of love...

Untamed Time (Time Passages)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Untamed Time
Series: Time Passages - BOOK IV
The Bolivian Jungle, 1998.
Hardened by violence, Rafe Stricter was a career soldier dedicated solely to his missions and his men. When one of his comrades was seriously wounded during a covert mission, Rafe prayed for a miracle--and was sent by an explosion to a different place, a different time...
Sierra Nevada, Northern California, 1847.
Wild, impetuous Lorilie McCaully has always preferred dealing with animals rather than people. But when Rafe and his wounded friend appear mysteriously in her cave, Lorilie ignores her instinctive wariness and helps them. Drawn to Rafe's fierce, proud spirit, she is fascinated by him as she has been by no other man--but his life as a warrior goes against her peaceful beliefs. Determined to show him the beauty of life, she draws out the long-buried gentleness in him. But the violence from his past threatens to consume him -- and their love...

Timepool (Time Passages Romance Series)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Timepool
Series: Time Passages - BOOK V
Monterey, California, 1890.
Caladonia Hornsby will do anything to catch the man who murdered her father. But her pursuit takes her somewhere she never dreamed -- all the way to modern-day California, and into the arms of Requiem Maguire. Perhaps this handsome man will help her -- if only she can win his trust....
Monterey, California, 1999.
Undercover DEA Agent Requiem Maguire is drowning in problems. A ruthless criminal wants him dead and an alluring woman, claiming to have traveled through time, desperately needs his help. Should he be true to his heart and believe Cally's fantastic tale? If she's lying, it could cost him his life....