Paranormal Romance Series : Songs

Alicia's Song (Timeswept)Author: Susan Plunkett
Title: Alicia's Song
Series: Songs - BOOK I
For Alicia James, something was missing, and her entire life seemed off-key.
She found solace in the fact that her career was inspiring and her sisters were the most loving family a woman could have. Together with those sisters, Alicia found a magic in song that seemed almost able to carry away her woes. In fact, singing carried Alicia away-from her home in modern-day Wyoming to Alaska, a century before her own.
There she found everything she'd been lacking: a sexy dark-haired gentleman with an angelic child just crying out for guidance. And Alicia was everything this pair desperately needed. Suddenly it seemed as if life were reaching out and giving Alicia the chance to create a beautiful music she'd never been able to make with her sisters-all she needed was the courage to sing her part.

Bethany's SongAuthor: Susan Plunkett
Title: Bethany's Song
Series: Songs - BOOK II
For Bethany James, freedom comes in the form of the River of Time, sweeping her away from her old life, to 1895.
But on awakening in Juneau, Alaska, Bethany discovers a whole new batch of problems. For one thing, she has been separated from her sisters--the only ones with whom she shares perfect harmony.
And the widowed mine-owner who finds her--Matthew Gray--is hardly someone with whom she expects to connect. Yet struggling to survive, drawing on every skill she possesses, the violet-eyed beauty finds herself growing into a stronger person. She is learning to trust, learning to love. And in helping Matt do the same, Bethany realizes the laments of the past are only too soon made the sweet strains of happiness.