Historical Romance Series : Brides of Virtue

Author: Betina Krahn
Title: The Husband Test
Series: Brides of Virtue - BOOK I
Sister Eloise was perhaps the most well intentioned novice at the Convent of the Brides of Virtue -- and the one always in the most trouble. Headstrong and earnest, she was determined to surprise her frustrated abbess and succeed in her latest role as the convent's new husband judge.

But to do so this modest beauty, who had forsaken all carnal pleasure, must judge a warrior whose mere presence exuded a dangerous, unpredictable, and totally male sensuality.
Peril, earl of Whitmore, needed a virtuous wife in the worst possible way. And he could think of no way worse than taking a stubborn, opinionated young novice back to his blighted estate and proving he was husband material. But in the days and nights to come he finds that the one test he can't pass is resisting this maddeningly irresistible woman.
And as the dark secret of the Whitmore estate is revealed and their passion ignited by a single forbidden touch, they find that the perfect match is often made in a far more sensuous place than heaven.

The Wife TestAuthor: Betina Krahn
Title: The Wife Test
Series: Brides of Virtue - BOOK II
Left on the doorstep of the Convent of the Brides of Virtue when she was just a baby, Chloe of Guibray hasn't been able to dig up anything about her parentage except that her family hails from England.
Knowing she must uncover the truth it she ever hopes to marry--she impulsively defies the abbess to pose as a nun and steals into a delegation headed for England with four maidens who have been chosen as brides for King Edward's nobles. But one man threatens to make the journey intolerable: Sir Hugh of Sennet, an infuriating knight whose masculine presence stirs her most primal female urges.
The last thing handsome but monkish Hugh wants is to escort a quintet of enticing young women to England. Especially since this latest errand for the king has brought him face-to-face with a beautiful, habit-clad figure named Chloe. Hugh may have sworn to preserve his bachelorhood at any cost, but this brash and insolent young wench makes him wonder how long they both can keep their vows...

The Marriage TestAuthor: Betina Krahn
Title: The Marriage Test
Series: Brides of Virtue - BOOK III
Orphaned at a young age, Julia of Childress has become the angel of the kitchen at the Convent of the Brides of Virtue.
She may he renowned for whipping up meals that can make any mouth water, but all Julia wants is a kitchen of her own--and a husband for whom to cook. Unfortunately, the abbess has other plans--such as transforming Julia into a proper nun.
Griffin de Grandaise will do anything to make Julia his personal chef--even keep his vow to return her to the convent in one year...with her virtue intact. But nothing prepares him for Julia's sumptuous meals--or for the maddening way she drives him wild with desire. To make matters worse, it's obvious Julia is determined to get him to propose a more lasting arrangement--and it will take every ounce of Griffin's willpower to resist the feisty beauty...