Historical Romance Series : Library of Alexandria

The Book of the Seven Delights (Jove Historical Romance)Author: Betina Krahn
Title: The Book of the Seven Delights
Series: Library of Alexandria - BOOK I
Abigail Merchant is determined to prove her worth as a librarian to the stodgy old men running the British Museum.
When she uncovers the journals of an eccentric scholar in the museum basement, she sees the opportunity to earn the curators' respect and vows to complete the old boy's search for the remnants of the Great Library of Alexandria...even if she has to go all the way to Timbuktu to do it.
Drawing on her inheritance, Abigail travels on her own to Casablanca, where her quest becomes entangled with the fate of a handsome ex-legionnaire with a murky past and a questionable future. Arrogant, brash Apollo Smith hardly inspires trust, but he certainly inspires unladylike thoughts. Together they discover the remnants of the great library--including a scroll that will change both their lives, The Book of the Seven Delights. But a host of vengeful legionnaires and greedy bandits is soon on their trail, threatening to steal their priceless archaeological find... and put an end to the sensual delights they have just begun to discover...

Author: Betina Krahn
Title: The Book of True Desires
Series: Library of Alexandria - BOOK II
Cordelia O'Keefe has struck a deal with her crusty tycoon of a grandfather to fund an expedition that will make her name as an explorer.
But first, he requires she prove herself by locating three Mayan stone carvings and something known as "the Gift of the Jaguar."
To make matters worse, he insists on sending along someone -- his arrogant butler! -- to authenticate her findings, and it becomes clear that a powerful and ruthless third party is set on finding the fabled stones and treasure first...
As the trail leads them across the Caribbean and into Mexico, Cordelia learns that tall, sardonic Hartford Goodnight is far more than just a butler. And Goodnight learns that beautiful, provocative Cordelia is as tough as she is tempting. Soon, the pair is hip-deep in danger and desire, racing the competition to the prize -- and trying to keep the sparks between them from setting the rain forest ablaze...